Park Services



Whistlestop Cafe

At the entry to Timbertown. Open 7am till 4pm. Great coffee, fudge, cakes & a variety of meals. Open when Timbertown is open.

Maul & Wedge –The village town hall

open 12-2pm

This building is open in NSW school holidays, public holidays, and long weekends. We also open for special events.

With a variety of meals and food available.

Picnic Lunch

You are welcome to bring in a picnic lunch and use the picnic tables scattered around the park. We do not offer BBQ facilities sorry.


We have two toilet blocks located in the park. We do have a disability toilet located in the top toilets near Cedar Creek Goldfields.

We also have a parent room located in the same spot.


We have 1 available at reception if required. The park is mostly wheelchair friendly including the Steam train journey.


We do not allow pets sorry because of our working animals in the park. Also for the safety and comfort of others.

Exemptions will apply to:

  1. a) guide dogs for hearing-impaired and vision-impaired visitors;
  2. b) accredited and trained assistance dogs wearing a jacket identifying the dog as a trained assistance dog and secured by a harness or leash and under the control of the owner at all times whilst on Timbertown’s premises; the owner of an assistance dog will be asked to show an appropriate photo ID card identifying they are the owner/handler of the assistance dog; and the dog must demonstrate that it is well behaved.

Wet/ Extreme Weather

There are many shelters in the park. The heritage rides and demonstrations do proceed in light rain.

During extreme weather the park operations may change.


We have a smoking table situated on the grass near the entrance to Timbertown.


We do not have any ATM machines in the park. Some stores do have eftpos. We do not offer cash out sorry.

We do recommend to bring some cash with you as some shops do not offer eftpos and we often have EFTPOS problems in the school holidays.


OPEN Everyday during NSW School holidays and long weekends closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays outside of NSW School holidays. Please call if you would like to check.